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First Name - Astro Tours
Last Name - Hans & Tilanie Daehne
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We show you the stars!


 Stargazing has become the hottest and most fascinating activity on planet earth.

The observation of other suns and galaxies satisfies our inquisitive minds.

Hans and Tilanie Daehné of ASTRO TOURS show the Starry Splendour over Prince Albert to all Star enthusiasts. Everybody admires the stars, but if you know and understand what you see, stargazing becomes a fulfilling activity.

ASTRO TOURS takes you on a tour through the celestial splendour of the Southern Hemisphere. Enjoy the celestial “Big Five” of our dark sky in the Great Karoo: the brightest star, the closest star, the largest globular cluster, the most beautiful open cluster and the closest galaxies.

We speak English, Afrikaans and German.


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