My Shire labyrinth


First Name - My Shire labyrinth
Last Name - Lisa Smith
Phone - 0836299196
  • Description

Walk an 11 circuit labyrinth in the vast, open beauty of the Great Karoo.


Lisa Smith built this labyrinth out of concern about fracking in the Karoo.  The explained that she loved what St Augustine said: ‘Solvitur ambulando’ (All is solved by walking). Hence the Labyrinth.


There is no set a price for the walk and walkers can make a donation based on their experience.


The Labyrinth is wheelchair friendly.


The 11-circuit medieval labyrinth based on that at Chartres Cathedral in France, which dates back to 1201, was the perfect one for the Karoo. It represents so much: the cross in the Labyrinth divides it into four quadrants representing: the four elements (Earth Water Air Fire), the four directions (North South East West), the four Gospels (Matthew Mark Luke John) and the four seasons (Winter Summer Spring Autumn). The six Rose petals in the centre of the Labyrinth represent the six days on which God created the Earth and the centre of the Rose is the seventh day, on which He rested.


Terry de Vries of Rainbow Labyrinths came to build the labyrinth.  4 500 stones were collected in three days and the labyrinth was built in four days. The area that was chosen is incredibly special; you would have to walk it to understand.


Lisa and her team cleared the space around the Labyrinth so that walkers can bring a picnic and sit under the trees on the grass to be with nature, surrounded by the mountains in the distance.


The intention is that people living in the Great Karoo will consider building a labyrinth in all the areas that are earmarked for fracking.


(25km from Prince Albert in the Weltevrede Valley)