Prince Albert cultural foundation


First Name - Cultural Foundation
Last Name - Judy Maguire
Phone - 023 5411 713
  • Description

The Prince Albert Cultural Foundation plays an active and important role in preserving the history and culture of the area and was recognised as the most active and objective conservation body in the Western Cape for 2014 -2015.


The foundation occasionally offers an outing on the third Saturday of the month.

The topic might be of cultural, historical, pre-historical, geological, musical, culinary, or botanical interest – or a combination of several of the above!


Locals can join the Foundation for R40 per person per annum, children under 18 free!


Visitors are most welcome to attend outings, so if you are in Prince Albert  join us to learn more about the village and the surrounding district. A small charge will be made for adults, there is no charge for children.