The Meatroom


First Name - The Meatroom
Last Name - Jordi van Hasselt
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Phone - 076165438
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Buy real, good, Karoo meat from the Meatroom at Gay’s Guernsey Dairy.


A family business through and through, we believe that quality meat should be enjoyed by all, especially in Prince Albert, a farming community in the heart of the Karoo.


“Because nothing quite beats good Karoo meat – the taste of the veld, the crunchy fat of a lamb chop, the way the meat falls off the bone of your Sunday roast… that comfort of old-worldly goodness.”


All our meat, lamb, goat, venison, whey fed pork and beef are sourced locally, from our farms and specifically selected neighbouring farms. We believe that the natural Karoo veld provides the best grazing for our animals and our pigs are fed on whey from our dairy.




Jordi: 076 1654 389

Erik: 082 3252 401