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First Name - Van Hasselt Angoras
Last Name - Jordi van Hasselt
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Mohair, the fleece of the Angora goat, is one of the world’s most exclusive, beautiful and sustainable natural fibres.


Clive van Hasselt was a visionary farmer with a passion for breeding and genetics that complemented his deep interest in the environment and its relationship with animals. He recognized the value of the Angora goat, its noble fibre and how ideally it was suited to the climate of the Karoo which he had grown to love.


Clive bought the Gannehoek Stud in 1989, the oldest, original Angora bloodline in South Africa. He later acquired the Zwartberg Stud 242 which has become equally prestigious.  These studs lead the field consistently producing top quality mohair, receiving awards from the elite Zegna (Italy), Mayuki (Japan) and Daido (China) fashion houses.

Gay & Jordi van Hasselt continue to build on his legacy by producing premium mohair.


Van Hasselt farms Angora studs  – rich in heritage with an obsession for quality & sustainability