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Updating your online accommodation calendar

If you are a member of the Prince Albert Tourism Association and offer accommodation, you have access to an online booking platform.  This will make it easy for visitors to book with you without delay.


There is no monthly fee, but you will pay a commission on bookings made through the platform.


When you use the online booking platform to generate bookings, you must update your calendar if you receive bookings from other sources.  This section helps you with that job.

Easy to follow instructions

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Getting approval for your guest house or restaurant

You must apply to the Municipality for approval to depart from the zoning scheme if you want to operate a guesthouse or a restaurant in Prince Albert or on a farm in its municipal area, where the property is not zoned for such a use.

This section has all the resources you need to apply for approval.

the application

food permises

current fees

Departure approval application fee –

R 1 255-80

Advertisement cost for departure approval –

R 210-10

Food Premises application fee –

R 220-00

Are you organising an event?

If you organise an event that will take place in public space, you have to, in terms of The Gatherings Act no 205 of 1993, complete a form and give notice to the Municipality 30 days before the event.  The Municipality will then arrange a meeting with the event organiser and the police or traffic police.

This is the form – Hier is die vorm

Minimum wages applying to our industry

farm workers

1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018


R 15.39 per hour

for an employee working 9 hours a day

domestic workers

1 December 2016 to 30 November 2017


R 11.31 per hour

for an employee working more than 27 hours a week


R 13.35 per hour

for an employee working less than 27 hours a week

hospitality industry

1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017


R 15.17 per hour

where the employer has 10 or less employees


R 16.91 per hour

where the employer has more than 10 employees