The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the home of the Depth Leadership Trust and Centre. The motto of the Trust is to work “beneath, between and beyond for a thriving psyche, community and planet”. We are involved in a range of projects in the town that aim to achieve this vision.


The Sanctuary is also home to a variety of more than eighty fruit and nut trees, free-range chickens, two dogs, two cats, a dam full of fish, tadpoles and dragonflies. We also grow our own vegetables and herbs. There are Cape Robins, African Hoopoes, sunbirds galore and a range of other birds in the garden.


We run a small café and shop as part of our Depth Leadership Centre. We bring many elements together in order to provide a tranquil place to have a wholesome, reasonably priced meal, to sit and think, or work, or simply sit under the oak tree and admire the view of our orchard and the mountains. Where possible, we use the fresh produce from the garden, and we serve locally, organically grown, seasonably available food that has not been packaged, refrigerated for any length of time, or transported from afar. We sell fresh produce from the garden at our shop.


We have a coffee roastery where we roast our own coffee, and we make up special blends for visitors. We have a library full of psychology books, and books about living more sustainably. We have a sand tray where you can explore your psyche. We are striving to create a restful, homely and unhurried environment, where we tend to your specific needs. For those of you who need it, we also provide free Wifi.


We have a conference room with state of the art audiovisual equipment that comfortably accommodates groups of about twelve people in lounge chairs. The venue can also be used for bigger groups with different seating arrangements. We run private functions when needed.


Our staff aim to live out our values of the development of healthy relationships with ourselves, each other, the broader community and the environment.  We are growing a team that will get to know you over time, and attend to both local and out of town visitors with special attention and care. We believe in the empowerment of our employees, where they are able to develop their talents, and use their creativity in their work as they care for the centre as a team.

We are at 4 de Beer Street, Prince Albert

Drop in any time (come through the big gate) to see what we are up to

We are open from 9am to 4pm every week day

Our Menu

Call us on 023 5411 114 for more information, or to make a booking