Located in the heart of the Karoo, Prince Albert offers visitors a wide range of dining experiences. The town is surrounded by several farms making it the ideal place to enjoy fresh and quality farm-to-table cuisine at local eateries. 

Those looking for a fine dining experience will find The Gallery Café a restaurant well worth visiting.  The Café’s lamb, vegetable, chicken and game stocks are made from scratch and Brent Phillips-White, the owner, takes great care to source local ingredients, many from the garden he planted, to supply the restaurant. Other ingredients of the restaurant’s meals come from farmers markets in and around Prince Albert. The menu for the Gallery Café remains consistent with seasonal changes made to accommodate the availability and quality of the produce.

Lah-di-dah is a farm stall in Prince Albert with a coffee shop that serves fantastic breakfast and brunch. The farm stall bakes delicious homemade cakes and prides themselves on serving some of the best coffee the town has to offer. The best part about this eatery is the fact that guests can visit the farm stall shop after a meal and stock up on all sorts of goodies to take home with them after their trip to Prince Albert.

Another unique spot in town is Lazy Lizard. This restaurant prides itself on its fresh, tasty meals. They also serve a host of vegan and vegetarian meal options for those with specific diets. The Lazy Lizard has an Internet Cafe where you can use their computers or connect your own laptop to the wireless access point in order to get work done or connect with loved ones while enjoying a cup of coffee or juice. 

The Real Food Company is now resident at Market Street in Prince Albert. Here guests can enjoy dinner with a view of the beautiful herb garden and the sound of bird song in the background. Visitors will particularly enjoy their food philosophy, which is to serve uncomplicated contemporary food. This is a must for those eager to try Karoo meat during their stay. 

African Relish is a Recreational cooking school located in town. Guests are offered the chance to experience South African produce and cuisine first hand through the year round cooking courses. Different kinds of courses are offered like the Karoo Classic or a vegetarian course. Their aim is to educate visitors on the local food and combinations that can be used to create extraordinary dishes. 

Prince Albert offers several other spots where guests can enjoy a bite to eat or get a drink while exploring the heart of the Karoo. Be sure to have a look at their website for more information on the places that can be visited when journeying to this town: www.princealbert.org.za.