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A national monument with over 150 years of history, the Swartberg Hotel offers comfort, outstanding rural hospitality and great local food to guests from all over the world. Situated at the very heart of the small town of Prince Albert, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the vast open expanses of the Karoo’s breathtaking natural beauty and a night sky filled with stars so bright you’ll have to see them for yourself to believe us.


Our standard rooms include either three-quarter or double beds, and each has its own en-suite bathroom. As we’ve collected a range of furniture over the course of our history, each room is unique in its furnishings, from tables and dressing tables to headboards and chairs.


6 luxury rooms, each of which is significantly larger than our standard rooms, to accommodate a larger seating area and a king-size bed.
Two of our luxury rooms have their own balcony, and we can easily say that there’s nothing better than standing on the balcony in the morning and breathing in the pristine Karoo air. The third luxury suite trades the balcony for a larger bathroom with both bathtub and shower.


Walk around the side of the hotel, past the pool, and you’ll find our cottages. Built in the traditional rural ‘rondavel’ or ‘round dwelling’ style, each cottage contains two rooms separated by a bathroom, and is ideal for families or larger parties of guests.

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77 Church Street

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