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Shhhh! This is a place of silence. A place of respect… for the planet, the elements, the tranquil pace of life in the Karoo, and for the hardy pioneers who were here before us.

At first, you think there's something wrong when you arrive. It takes a while to figure it out – it's the absolute silence. You will hear your own heartbeat and breathing, and the sound of your thoughts, as you get back in touch with yourself. Worthy of an Isabel Allende novel, a romance with the history of the Karoo is evident in the architecture of Vrisch Gewagt, a harmonious symphony in décor, landscaping and design. Synergy meets practicality in the modular structures, with high ceilings and cavity walls ensuring comfort in the hottest months and fireplaces for warmth.

When you walk into your accommodation, you will flop down on the huge comfy bed, dressed in crisp high thread-count linens, sigh and whisper “I’m home.” No expense has been spared in luxurious furniture, fittings and fixtures. We’re talking SMEG fridges and Nespresso coffee machine every suite, designer bathrooms, original artwork and seriously artistic décor.

One of the best things about Vrisch Gewagt,is that you won’t be disturbed by annoying staff appointing themselves as your personal planners, interrupting your thoughts with inane comments about the weather (not that the weather in the Karoo is ever inane), or prying into your personal life.

The owner of Vrisch Gewagt is as intensely private as they come, although you can’t help but notice hints of his exuberance and passion for life; from the framed photos of Tango dancers in the guest loo in the manor house, to the inviting accommodation erected for owls and bats in the olive groves, in addition to that for humans.

Vrisch Gewagt Farm, R407, Prince Albert Valley, 27kms from Prince Albert on the road to Meiringspoort

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