A letter from Jonno

Sorry that we have been so quiet these past few weeks folks, but it has been a time of very tough reflection and contemplation.

Notwithstanding the incredible support that we have received and continue to receive from David and Luke and the amazing team at Network for Animals along with the generous donations from you all, our wonderful “Top fans” supporters, the magnitude of our crusade is such that our ongoing monthly deficit in funding has caught up with us and bar a small miracle, the very sad reality is that we are facing imminent closure.

Not only have we provided a life-saving sanctuary, love and care for over 400 rescued donkeys and horses along with numerous other rescued four and two-legged sentient animal beings over the past three years, but we also provide the livelihood for our eight local carers and in turn, for their families.

We do not have a professional fundraiser on board, we do not outsource our social media and our communications, we do not have a scout continually sourcing feed, concentrates, equipment and meds. Since the get-go, all has been and continues to be handled by me, myself and I, and while I am certainly no martyr, I am one little man who also happens to have a full-time job in Cape Town. 80% of my salary goes to the sanctuary as without my personal funding support, we would have closed within two months of opening.

The facts are the facts and if we need to close the sanctuary, so be it. We have afforded all our additional rescued souls an incredible few years.

With the greatest of respect to all, I have no doubt that plethoras of suggestions as to how to raise funds will flow in, like the rivers to the seas but talk is cheap people and if you have great ideas, please endeavour to implement them yourselves as I simply do not have the capacity to follow up on leads.

If and when the final decision is made, our best efforts will be made to secure great homes for as many of the donks and horses as possible.

In the interim, any and all support is greatly appreciated.

With thanks and love
Karoo Donkey Sanctuary
Standard Bank
Tyger Manor 05 04 10
Account No. 300 874 049