Kontrei Eiendomme

Direction: In Town

If you are interested in property in Prince Albert, Denise Ohlson is your go-to person. She has been an independent estate agent in this special town for the last 31 years. Trusted and informed, she will make the process of helping you to find the right place at the right price a memorable one.

For an historic mountain farm to a small plot on the koppie – and everything in between: Give her your wish list and enjoy the treasure hunt with an individual who, as a Master Practitioner in Real Estate, will guide you to that special property that will talk to you.

During your search you will be introduced to the many positives and few negatives of living in the Karoo, you will hear interesting stories, you will meet amazing people on the way.You will fall in love with this brilliantly beautiful part of the world and with its vibrant community.

You will also meet associate Charlene van der Linde – ever friendly, energetic and caring. Team Kontrei will jump at every opportunity to show you what property in Prince Albert is all about!