PACT is a non-profit organization and Public Benefit Organization, registered as a trust. The Prince Albert Community Trust acts as an umbrella body and bona fide charity, channeling donations towards the welfare of the disadvantaged community of Prince Albert and the greater municipal area.
Karoo Donkey Sanctuary

The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary is a registered Animal Welfare NPO and is located on a private farm, two kilometers outside the picturesque town of Prince Albert, at the base of the majestic Swartberg Mountains and at the gateway to the Great Karoo.

Prince Albert Skills School
The Prince Albert Skills School serves the most marginalized young people in our Prince Albert community and has done so for two years. The school offers life and employment skills development for a group of 15 teenage boys who have fallen out of the schooling system for a range of reasons, often because of lack of parental support, or because of emotional and mental difficulties.


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